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Article Title: Steve Ritchie building customers trust at Papa John’s

May 13, 2019 • MichaelPollackWins

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Steve Ritchie is the CEO of Papa John’s, one of the leading suppliers of pizza in the world. He took up this mandate with the very high responsibility of ensuring that the company was performing as per the standards expected of such a huge company. Among his priorities was to give Papa John’s the right reputation. For a company that is operating thousands of outlets in many different countries, it is imperative that it accommodates everyone from the customers, franchisee, and any other persons associated with the business. Ritchie had his main tasks cut out for him as he started his mandate and all eyes were on him to deliver.

One of the early measures that Steve Ritchie took to boost the relationship with the customers was to write an apology letter to all persons who felt that the company could have at some point wronged them. Customer reputation is one thing that no business can afford to sweep under the carpet since it is the single most important factor in running a successful business. Ritchie used this letter to address the concerns of the customers coming out of the previous management. Someone needed to stand up for the company and Steve Richie was the man to do that as a person who has worked for the company since the 1990s. He understands the company very well and can help it to advance its relations with the stakeholders.

Steve Ritchie is doing something that will change the way things are done at Papa John’s. The value of the customer will now be more appreciated than ever before. Cases of customer discrimination will never be tolerated under his leadership as he made it clear in his letter. The apology was meant to appease customers and assure them that the company is appreciative of the support they have offered since the company was formed.

Steve Ritchie reminded everyone that Papa John’s is not about a single personality. This is a company that has employed thousands of people directly and many others indirectly. The actions of one person should never be allowed to determine the fate of thousands of innocent employees.

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