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Rocketship Education: Models and Approaches for Improving Learning in Schools

November 7, 2018 • MichaelPollackWins

Rocketship Education is a public non-profit institution with its main branch in California. It serves low-income communities who have limited opportunities to join excellent schools. The institution was founded in 2006 with a mission of eliminating the achievement gap through the building of a sustainable and scalable school model which facilitates student achievement especially those from underserved communities. The core instructional model of the organization is technology supported, and teacher-led approach so as to personalize learning.

Rocketship Education works alongside community organizations, parents, other chartered schools, and districts to facilitate the movement associated with eliminating the achievement gap among students from underserved communities. The National Public Radio (NPR) have criticized how students in public schools are treated, managed, and how they use technology. Rocketship Education has tried to differentiate itself from other public schools by developing approaches and models that will improve learning among its students.

First, Rocketship Education has perfect classroom management in relation to providing its students with bathroom breaks and silent times. The institution has classroom rules and policies which are considered standard. The institution has teacher training programs to help teachers understand how to control a classroom and ensure proper learning.

Second, to control how much students use technology, Rocketship Education has a “lab rotation model,” which helps teacher and students become comfortable with technology within the control environment. The lab rotation model allows students to acquire and strengthen specific skills not learned in the classroom environment. The organization plan is to later transition to another structured model that provide teachers with more control over how their students use technology and integrate them into their studies.

Finally, Rocketship Education ensures that it has enough teachers to provide the students with the support they need. It ensures that the teachers are certified to coach and support students deal with various problems. The teachers are also encouraged to motivate the students and ensure that they are engaged in the learning activities.

The above tips will help teachers and educational institutions understand how to improve learning among their students.

Categories: Flex Model