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Taking A Chance: Jojo Hedaya

March 1, 2019 • MichaelPollackWins

Jojo Hedaya is a young man who believes in taking chances. He is a co-founder of a company called Unroll me and it is a service that helps people consolidate emails into a manageable email portfolio. Jojo Hedaya graduated with Bachelors degrees in Philosophy and Business. On a trip, he met his friend and co-founder Josh Rosenwald. When the two became friends the idea for Unroll me came to light. Jojo Hedaya offers some tips for future entrepreneurs.

The first thing he says is to not be afraid to take a shot. Jojo Hedaya says that he and Josh had faith in their new idea and turned it into a successful business. The second thing is to make things easier by simplifying things. He says that the first tests did not go well. This only provided him with more motivation to get things right and make it easier for users on the site. The third thing is for people to not be complacent in business. If a business stands still for too long in one area it can be left in the dust. Always be open to new ideas to move the business forward. The fourth thing is to invest in the team. Being able to listen to others makes sure that employees are valued. This can help team building and prevent employee turnover. The final thing that Jojo Hedaya suggests is to value the skills of employees. This makes sure that people are best utilized for the business at hand.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald took a chance on an idea and it paid off for them in a big way. Both of them saw a need and wanted to fill it. This is what makes Jojo Hedaya a success. He didn’t give up when things didn’t go his way and eventually came out on top. This is the mindset that future entrepreneurs need to have if they are going to have success. Jojo Hedaya makes sure that the business is always moving in a good direction for the future of his family. That is the way he likes it to be.

How Jana Messerschmidt Help Startups

February 21, 2019 • MichaelPollackWins

Jana Messerschmidt will play a significant part in helping Lightspeed Venture Partners become more successful. Jana Lightspeed to employment by a good venture capital company. She was hired by Lightspeed Venture Partners after the company received a $1.8 billion dollars in funding in December 2018. Before her professional career started. she received her education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Computer Engineering degree is one of many factors that led her to be hired by companies such as Twitter, Netflix and venture capital company called Angels. During her six years at Twitter from her position of Vice President of Business Development & Platform, she was well-recognized by the public. By 2016, she would leave Twitter.

She like Lightspeed Venture Partners because the company believed in teamwork and the cohesion of the team.

Jana Lightspeed beyond being a firm supporter of women in technology. As a partner of Lightspeed Venture Partners, She is able to use her expertise in business development that she gained while working at Twitter. She understands how to work with companies who are in the early stages of the startup process. Before working with Twitter, She was able to help Netflix develop valuable partnerships. She clearly supports women who help companies become successful. She was an entrepreneur with the help of former personnel of Twitter started a business called Angels in 2015. She created an investment portfolio filled with companies such as Bird while at Angels. Lightspeed Venture Partners was able to gain the expertise of Lightspeed.

Jana Lightspeed ahead, and she is an intricate part in the consumer team of Lightspeed Venture Partners. Lightspeed Venture Partners felt she was a very good addition to the business. She is recognized for her business savvy for the variety of investments she has made in over 5o companies while working an Angel. Her ability to form viable partnerships, knowledge in engineering and her instincts makes her an asset at Lightspeed Venture Partners. She believes the industry should have more diversity. As a partner, she will be able to be a positive influence in making changes to the industry.

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Louis Chenevert Insights on Improving a Business Venture

January 14, 2019 • MichaelPollackWins

Most companies and individuals that want to improve their business ventures often think about using modern technology or bringing in outside help but overlook the importance of investing in existing employees. Investing in current employees is a wise idea since this is a group where the employer knows well. An employer will know what the current employees can handle and what they cannot handle, so bumping them would likely result in the sharpening of their skills. Hiring new employers means starting training them fresh, which could be costly in the long run. While promoting one of your employees is a way of skipping the lengthy process of hiring and training of new employee it is also one of the ways of empowering other employees since they see the possibility of getting promotions.

Making the workplace more fun as a way of investing in employees

One of the ways of investing in the current employees according to Louis Chenevert is to make the workplace an enjoyable place to spend their time. Ensuring that there no forces that bring negative influence to the organization is essential in ensuring that employees find the workplace an enjoyable place to work. Office politics offset the peace at work thus, setting policies that eliminate this kind of behavior at work ensure that employees are comfortable at work all the time. Another way of ensuring that employees look forward to being at work is the creation of common fun places other than common lunch rooms which are characterized by lunch tables. Productivity at work when employees start looking forward to coming to work.

Rewarding of best employees to motivate them

Louis Chenevert says that rewarding hardworking employees make them appreciate that someone recognizes their efforts. Awarding employees would be in the form of awards being offered to say monthly to the best employee. This will motivate others to work hard as they aim at being rewarded as well. If the organization include a certificate that comes with the gift, this could trigger more employees to work hard.

Most employees would love to join scholar programs; thus if an employer really cares for the employee, they will create scholar programs that will benefit both the institution and the employee. The employee will be able to enjoy the lifelong benefits of education will the organization will have a more educated workforce.