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Betsy DeVos Fights to Provide Private Education to Low-Income Students

May 2, 2018 • MichaelPollackWins

Just before Donald Trump cancelled the federal rule that transgender students can use the bathroom they felt was right for them, Betsy DeVos met with a rep of gay and transgender to give them notice.


She told this rep that she was strongly against the decision. However, there were also no signs of her and President Trump having any issues. In fact, she joined in on the President’s announcement, and went as far as to say that allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice was a step the Obama Administration shouldn’t of taken.


But those who are close to Mrs. DeVos know that she will not just lay down when she disagrees with the President. Although she is well-mannered in public, she is certainly driven and will fight for what she believes in.


One former state attorney general went as far as to say she put fear in the eyes of many who were involved in Michigan politics – Betsy’s home state. This same politician stated she is very determined on reaching her goals.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. She spent her younger years working at her father’s car parts company – a company her father turned into a business worth over one billion dollars. Additionally, her brother founded a private security firm called Blackwater. Although controversial, it is another highly profitable business.


Her husband is Dick DeVos. Interestingly enough, he comes from a family that’s even more wealthy, as his father founded Amway.


Betsy DeVos is also extremely active in education reform. For over thirty years, she has been fighting for tax dollars to go towards charter schools more than public schools. At the same time, she has been fighting for tax-backed vouchers so that low-income students can go to private schools – including religious institutions.


There are strong arguments for, and against, charter schools. Those in favor of them say they give low-income families an opportunity to decide between different schools. They also say they provide competition for public schools, forcing them to do their best work.


And those against charter schools claim a modest plan to end public schools by robbing them of their tax funding. Then, those who own charter schools will use them as a profitable business.


Regardless of which outlook you agree with, it’s clear Betsy DeVos fights vehemently for what she thinks will provide low-income students with the best possible education.


Even though Betsy DeVos has most recently been seen agreeing with Trump on things she claims she is against – there’s no doubt she’s fighting hard behind the scenes. This is because she has been fighting for fair education for over thirty years now, as well as participating in other education reform initiatives. As her career as Education Secretary continues – one can expect to see big changes in education.


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